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Check your specific model page for any processes that apply to your model.

Manual Degaussing

  • Degaussing ring demonstration
  • Home made rare earth magnet on a drill.

Horizontal Convergence

Adjusting potentiometers (H-STAT).


Corner Convergence

Using convergence strips on the yoke. Tape with double sided tape or epoxy. CRT set needs to be powered on during adjustment.


Yoke Adjustment

Clockwise/counterclockwise rotation and up/down/left/right placement. Larger CRT sets are prone to "yoke sag" where they droop down.

  • Refresh rubber stickiness?

Adjusting yoke until it's in the correct place, then solidify rubber pads in place by putting epoxy over the ring and pad.


Screen Focus

Adjust potentiometer knob on flyback. CRT set needs to be powered on during adjustment.

Geometry Adjustment

  • Cheat sheet

With a Service Menu

This video is specifically for PVM 50 series monitors, but the settings covered apply to any set with a service menu.

Without a Service Menu