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The Sony PlayStation Vita (and the non-handheld PlayStation TV) is a console from the eighth generation of video game consoles. The console launched in Japan on December 17th, 2011 followed by North America (February 15th, 2012) and Europe (February 22nd, 2012). The Vita was the first handheld to feature dual joysticks. A model revision of the Vita — the PS Vita 2000 series — was later released which had all the same features in a smaller size, with better battery life, and a LCD screen instead of an OLED screen. The console also uniquely supported PlayStation Mobile (PSM) games — a software platform that supported 683 games on the PlayStation Vita/TV and a handful of Sony Xperia, HTC One, and other devices.

The Vita Developer Wiki and Henkaku Development Wiki are great supplemental development-focused resources to this wiki.



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