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The Terraonion MODE (Multi Optical Disk Emulator) is an ODE (Optical Drive Emulator) that allows you to emulate your Saturn, Dreamcast, or PS1's optical disc drive (extra kit required for PS1) and run games without using the disk. It replaces the standard disk drive. The manual is available here.

The original MSRP was as follows:

  • $239.99 USD
  • 182.00€ EU
  • 20€ EU / $24.99 USD PS1 install kit
Terraonion MODE
MODE Bottom

Official Retailers


United States:

  • Mobius Strip: PS1 Kit only (MODE sold separately)
  • Stone Age Gamer: MODE(PS1 Kit is an addon)


Mobius Strip: PS1 Install Service (MODE sold separately) TODO Add installers


  • Auto detects the console that it’s plugged into. No jumpers to configure
  • SATA port for 2.5 inch laptop style Hard Drive or SSD (Up to 2TB tested, larger drives may work)
  • USB port for thumb drives
  • MicroSD card slot
  • Supports both exFAT and FAT32 formats of greater than 2TB
  • No solder install (Except PS1)
  • Allows for the MPEG cartridge slot to be used
  • Auto region patching (loads games from different regions without patching games)
  • Cover Art Menu
  • Multi Disk Game Support
  • Nested folders
  • Can play CD+G discs provided the disc image is in CCD/IMG/SUB/CUE format.


  • Drives/SD card cannot be accessed without taking apart the console (3D Printed mounts are available that make the SD card accessible).
  • Due to the replacement of the disc drive, original disks can no longer be used unless additional hardware (such as the Saturn Switcher) is used.
  • USB storage and SATA storage cannot be used at the same time.


File Formats Supported

  • CDI
  • GDI
  • CCD
  • MDF
  • BIN
  • ISO
  • WAV +CUE images

Saturn Compatibility

  • Compatible with 20 pin and 21 pin models (separate kits for 20 and 21 pin models)
  • TODO Game compatibility list
  • Compatible with Saturn backup and RAM expansion cartridges
  • Compatible Action Replay and PseudoSaturn Kai

Dreamcast Compatibility

  • VA0 and VA1 Dreamcast models (VA2 not supported)
  • TODO Game compatibility list

PS1 Compatibility

  • Compatible with the PU-18 PS1 model
  • TODO Game compatibility list


  • In game menu TODO

Firmware updates

  • Firmware updates can be found here. An account and product serial number is required to reach the firmware files (Please note this is separate from a Terraonion Store account)



3D Printed Mounts

Laser Bear 3D Printed mounting brackets will help give a more uniform look to the MODE when the drive is open. They also can provide access to the SD card through an SD extension and other features.

The Stone Age Gamer 3D mounting brackets allows for an easier-to-install experience and more stable mount. These should work in conjunction with the Laser Bear mounts (Anybody tested this?)

Stone Age Gamer Mounts

TODO: Stone Age Gamer SATA Adaptors

Other Mounts:

Other Accessories

TODO: More info on these

Replacement Parts