PS2:Video Cables

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RF, Composite, S-Video

Same as PlayStation 1.


Except on the Japanese-launch-exclusive DVD Player 1.0 and third party hacks, RGB mode is artificially incompatible with DVD-Video playing software.

Standard resolution

Sync from video (composite/Y) only.

  • SCPH-10142 (SCART)
  • VMC-AVM250 (AV Multi In)

ED and HD

Sync on green only.

  • SCPH-10320 (VGA HD-15)
  • VMC-AVM250 (AV Multi In)
  • As there is no difference between RGB and YPbPr cables except the attached connectors, they are interchangeable if atypical connectors are desired.


  • SCPH-10100 (RCA)
  • SCPH-10490 (as above, PS3 branding)
  • SCPH-10330 (D-Terminal)
  • SCPH-10510 (as above, PS3 branding)
  • VMC-AVM250 (AV Multi In)

Some third party options