PS2:Creating Game Save Backups

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You may wish to make copies of your game saves as a backup in case your memory card is lost or corrupt. If you have a PS2-to-PC memory card adapter, it may be as simple as using bundled software to copy the saves. Otherwise, if you have the ability to launch homebrew on your PS2, you can copy the saves to a USB flash drive with the below instructions.


  • A USB drive.
  • Either LaunchElf, uLaunchElf or wLaunchElf.

Backing Up Saves

  1. Open your LaunchElf of choice and press circle to enter the file browser.
  2. Select your memory card (mc0 = memory card 1, mc1 = memory card 2).
  3. The saves will be called BASLxx-xxxxx or BASCxx-xxxxx which is the games serial, figure out your serial number by checking the spine of the games box or using this website.
  4. Select the saves you want to backup by pressing X then press R1 and press copy.
  5. Press Triangle to go back.
  6. Insert your USB and select mass:/.
  7. Navigate to where you want to place your backups.
  8. Press R1 and choose paste.

This also works for PS1 saves as well, however, if they're on a PS1 memory card there will be no folders. This is solved if you copy the save to the PS2 memory card.