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Marty is known to have a terrible FDD. Even with belt replacement it's very common for the drive will be able to read but can't write data which impacts things such as saving games.

There are a few methods to use a floppy emulator with Marty.

HXC method via Bit-District

Bit-district makes a nice tray that is meant to be used with DocBrown ODE.

Note you must use the HXC Rev C model only. It's recommended to buy the floppy emulator first, measure the buttons and LCD and then buy the appropriate tray configuration.

HXC Tray with DocBrown Side of Marty with SD card and buttons

You will also require a 26 pin FFC to 34 pin IDC converter to use the HXC properly inside Marty.

The Thing

Caius has made a totally custom PCB variant of a gotek floppy emulator with flashfloppy firmware. It is plug and play and variants work for Marty with the original CD drive or with ODE.

The Thing inside Marty