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A PAC is an expansion card for the LaserActive. Four of them were released:

Sega PAC

Main article: LaserActive:PAC-S10

This PAC provides the ability to connect and use up to two controllers and one Genesis game card. It also adds Sega CD, CD+G, and exclusive Mega LD formats support to the internal optical drive, as well as enhanced LD movie playback features.

The Japanese version is known as PAC-S1 and supports Japanese MD and Mega CD titles instead of their American counterparts.


Main article: LaserActive:PAC-N10

The TurboGrafx counterpart of the above supports one controller, HuCards, (Super) CD-ROM² and exclusive LD-ROM² discs, plus the LD and karaoke CD features of the Sega counterpart.

The PC Engine version is known as PAC-N1.

Karaoke PAC

Main article: LaserActive:PAC-K10

Computer interface PAC

The PAC-PC1 provides a serial port for wired remote control of the player.

As also seen in FMV arcade games of the 80s, this arrangement was popular for computer multimedia applications before the widespread availability of optical drives and processing power or hardware accelerators for video decoding.