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Released in 1982, the Intellivoice was an Intellivision add-on which added voice synthesis to a select number of games. Although Mattel had high hopes for the module, sales were fairly sluggish and only a literal handful of games were ever released. While most of these games do not necessarily require the Intellivoice to function, they are extremely difficult to play without it as the games used the add-on to provide directions or hints to the player.

Released Games

Game Name Notes
B-17 Bomber
Bomb Squad
Intellivision World Series Baseball Optional; game requires the ECS add-on
Space Spartans
Tron: Solar Sailor

Prototypes and Homebrews

Game Name Notes
Flintstones Keyboard Fun Prototype; requires the ECS add-on
Game Factory Prototype
Inty BASIC Showcase Volume 1 Homebrew, used in the minigame Warship!
Magic Carousel Prototype
Missile Domination Homebrew
Same Game and Robots Homebrew
Space C*nt A crass ROM hack of Astrosmash made as a joke by Mattel programmers
Super Pro NFL Football Prototype