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Terraneo MT10
Manufacturer Terraneo, BTicino
Type Industrial
Size 5"
Regions EIA+CCIR
240p/480i Yes
480p No
Vsync 50/60 Hz
Widescreen No
RF 0
Composite 1 (See text)
Audio Input None
Earliest Date < 1992
Latest Date > 1992
Chassis LT 1 66 0216 3
Tube VTM M13-191W
Remote None

The Terraneo MT10 is an Italian miniature black and white monitor for video intercom and CCTV use.

Flyback: Eldor 1082.0101

Deflection processor with vertical amplifier: TEA 2037A

Deflection coils: Eldor 1400.2600


  • MT/MS: Tabletop or wall-mount (with factory inverted deflection)
  • 10/11/20: currently undocumented variants, for Videoporter 2000 system
  • 50: for Videoporter 2004 system (uses a proprietary encoding for video, but gets decoded by a converter external from the monitor proper)
  • 60 (only MT version): for Tercontrol system, standalone CCTV display using a Belling-Lee socket for composite video (also an MT10 with tacked on external power supply)


Most models use 5 screw terminals (found on the bottom) for power and video, connected on the inside with a flat cable going to the input socket on the PCB. The MT60 is an exception: the terminals are missing (but their holes are present) and a larger additional hole next to them allows said cable to connect directly the chassis, the power supply, and the video connector.

Please disassemble your monitor and inspect said cable for the pinout: signals reaching the PCB are, front to back, GND/+12V/nc/Video/GND

All models require an external 75 ohm terminator for use with standard composite video sources!


External: power (MT60 only), brightness, contrast (video gain)

Internal: Vertical size, horizontal frequency, H and V linearity, focus, B+ voltage (MT60 only, inside base)

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