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Samsung TXR3079WHX/XAA
Samsung Slimfit.jpg
Manufacturer Samsung
Type Consumer
Size 30"
Regions NTSC
240p/480i Yes (not native)
480p Yes (not native)
720p Yes (not native)
1080i Yes
Widescreen Yes
RF 2 Air\Cable
Composite 2 (1 rear, 1 front) 1 output
S-Video 2 (1 rear, 1 front)
Component 2 (480i/480p/720p/1080i) 1x HDMI
Speakers Stereo Speakers

1x Stereo RCA out

1x digital audio out
Dimensions Width 36-3/4"

Hight 22-3/16"

Depth 16"
Weight 120.1 lbs
Service Manual Available for purchase

Product highlights

  • High-Definition TV — receives and decodes digital standard-definition and HDTV signals from over-the-air broadcasts (antenna required)
  • all signals are displayed at 1080i or 480p
  • widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Finer Pixel Dot Pitch DynaFlat™ HD picture tube with Invar shadow mask
  • Nano Pigment phosphor coating
  • 5000:1 contrast ratio
  • progressive scan line-doubler (upconverts NTSC sources to 480p)
  • 3D digital comb filter
  • on-screen electronic program guide for digital stations
  • built-in stereo speakers (10 watts x 2)
  • multibrand remote control


Slimfit Rear IO.jpg Slimfit Front IO.jpg

Geometry Examples

  • HDMI PS3

Difficult to get the geometry to look good on these sets. This was after geometry calibration.

Slimfit Geometry.jpg

Latency Tests

  • 240p and 480i tests utilized the composite video 1 input.

Slimfit 240p Latency.jpg Slimfit 480i Latency.jpg

  • 480p, 720p, 1080i tests utilized the HDMI input.

Slimfit 480p Latency.jpg Slimfit 720p Latency.jpg Slimfit 1080i Latency.jpg

Settings and Service Menu

  • Access Service Menu

With TV off


  • Color Settings

Slimfit Color Settings.jpg Slimfit Color Service Menu.jpg Slimfit Service Menu 3.jpg

Recommended color settings:

Set COL_AXIS to 1 to reduce red push.

Set GAMMA to 0 for more accurate blacks.

DC-TRANS to 1 or 0 to hold black level.

VM_LEVEL to 0 to remove artificial edges

  • Deflection

Slimfit Deflection.jpg

  • Other Service Menu

Slimfit Service Menu 4.jpg Slimfit Service Menu 5.jpg Slimfit Service Menu 6.jpg Slimfit Service Menu 7.jpg Slimfit Service Menu 8.jpg

External Adjustments/Service Menu


Slimfit Tube.jpg


Slimfit Label.jpg Slimfit Model.jpg


Slimfit Teardown.jpg Slimfit Teardown 2.jpg Slimfit Teardown 3.jpg


Slimfit Flyback.jpg


Main PCB

Slimfit Teardown 9.jpg Slimfit Teardown 4.jpg Slimfit Teardown 5.jpg Slimfit Teardown 6.jpg Slimfit Teardown 7.jpg Slimfit Teardown 8.jpg Slimfit Teardown 9.jpg

Speaker/Front I/O

Slimfit Speaker and front IO.jpg

Other Photos

Slimfit Top.jpg Slimfit Side.jpg Slimfit Rear.jpg Slimfit Rear 2.jpg