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Manufacturer JVC
Type Professional
Size 14"
TV Lines 750
Dot Pitch 0.28mm
Regions NTSC, PAL
240p/480i Yes
480p No
720p No
1080i No
Vsync 50/60hz
Widescreen No
Composite Yes
S-Video Yes
Component No
Dimensions Width: 346mm

Depth: 375mm

Height: 310mm
Weight 29.54lbs, 13.4kg
Firmware unknown
Earliest Date unknown
Latest Date unknown
Standard Boards N/A
Optional Boards N/A
Service Manual TM-H140PN Service Manual
Brochure TM-H140PN Brochure

The TM-H140PN is a 14" midrange professional video monitor made by JVC. This monitor was marketed for broadcast, CCTV and educational applications. Like most JVC monitors of the time, it uses a curved shadow mask tube. The monitor has a high resolution 14" tube with 750 TV lines.


This monitor supports 480i/240p and 576i/288p only. Two composite inputs and one s-video input are provided at the back, without an option for input cards.

In addition to having an underscan button , the monitor also has a widescreen option available in the menu to adjust the aspect ratio of the displayed image to 16:9.

RGB Support

This monitor only supports composite and s-video out of the box.

The jungle IC allows for RGB insertion, but the CPU will normally continuously disable RGB via I2C. It is possible to intercept the I2C and filter out the "disable" commands. Immerhax has made a guide on how this can be done.

Tubes Used

JVC monitors often use different types of tubes. The following tubes were found:

  • Chunghwa  CPJ370BVAP1S-TC