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Manufacturer JVC
Type Professional
Size 17"
TV Lines 550
Dot Pitch 0.42mm
240p/480i Yes
480p No
720p No
1080i No
Vsync 50/60hz
Widescreen No
Composite Yes
S-Video Yes
Component No
Dimensions Width: 395mm

Depth: 420.5mm

Height: 334mm
Weight 37.91bs, 17.2kg
Firmware unknown
Earliest Date unknown
Latest Date unknown
Standard Boards N/A
Optional Boards N/A
Service Manual TM-1700PN Service Manual
Brochure TM-1700PN Brochure

The TM-1700PN is a midrange professional video monitor made by JVC. This monitor was mainly intended as a preview broadcast monitor but was also sold as a security monitor (under the model number LTC2917/90) by Philips/Bosch. Like most JVC monitors of the time, it uses a curved shadow mask tube. The monitor was marketed as having a high resolution tube of 550 TV lines. Despite having a 17" tube, this monitor is not much bigger than a comparable 15" monitor thanks to the narrow bezel.

Although the monitor has a metal enclosure, the build quality inside is only moderate and not comparable to most Sony PVMs. In particular, a low quality PCB material is used which is not as durable and tends to break down when heavy soldering / rework is performed. Nevertheless, the electronic components such as the capacitors are of good quality.


JVC did not have their own tube manufacturing plant, instead relying on other manufacturers such as Panasonic, Hitachi, Toshiba, Gründig, Philips, etc. to provide the tubes for them.

Often times an agreement was made with the tube manufacturer which allowed them to rebrand the resulting JVC monitor. This is also the case for this monitor, which has a Philips tube and was thus rebranded and sold by Philips as the LTC2917/90. The electronics inside are identical.


This monitor supports 480i/240p and 576i/288p only. Two composite inputs and one s-video input are provided at the back, without an option for input cards.

A brightness peak suppression feature is available, which is intended to extend tube life.

RGB Support

This monitor only supports composite and s-video out of the box.

When looking at the schematics and the circuit boards, it looks like RGB support was planned at some point because there are several components for RGB input that are unpopulated. The input board can accommodate BNC connectors for R, G, B and sync. A switch and indicator light were even available at the front panel However, unfortunately the final monitor does not have RGB input. It is possible to mount the missing components, but the firmware does not respond to the RGB select button.

Despite this, it is still possible to modify the monitor to allow RGB input by directly feeding the R,G,B and sync signals to the jungle IC and blanking for RGB. The mod is fairly easy. Immerhax has made a guide on how the monitor can be modded.