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ITT Schaub-Lorenz Programmable Television

ITT Schaub Lorenz — later acquired by International Telephone and Telegraph (ITT) and merged into Standard Elektrik Lorenz (SEL) — was an electronic equipment manufacturer. They produced the "Ideal Color" line of CRT televisions that included a built in cassette system called "Ideal-Computer" that is able to play one of four "cassettes" that were more or less standalone pong clone machines.[1][2][3]

TV Models

This is not a complete list.

  • Ideal-Color 3331 Oscar
  • Ideal Color 3660 BVT


The cassettes and games were as follows:

  • TELE-MATCH-Cassette 1 (GE AY-3-8550 chip)
    • Tennis, Football (Soccer), Squash, and Practice
  • TELE-MATCH-Cassette 2 (GE AY-3-8610 chip)
    • Tennis, Football (Soccer), Squash, and Squash Practice, Basketball, Basketball Practice, Hockey, and Gridball
  • TELE-MATCH-Cassette 3 (GE AY-3-8710 chip)
    • Panzerspiel
  • TELE-MATCH-Cassette 4 (GE AY-3-8760 chip)
    • Stunt cycle, Drag race, Motocross, and Enduro