CRT:Sun GDM-90W10

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Manufacturer Sony
Brand Sun Microsystems
Type PC
Size 24"
Viewable Size 22.5"
Dot Pitch 0.25mm - 0.28mm
Mask Aperture Grille
Free-Scan Yes
Horizontal Scan 30 - 96kHz
Vertical Scan 50 - 160Hz
Unlocked Ranges ?
Widescreen Yes
OSD Color Bias + Gain
OSD Conv. Yes
Dynamic Conv. No
Service Method PC (SonyDAS)
Service Port TTL serial
VGA 1x
Other Inputs 1x 13W3 (Hardwired)
Dimensions Width: 58.0 cm

Depth: 54.8 cm

Height: 50 cm
Weight 90.4 lbs
Earliest Date ?
Latest Date ?
Chassis W1
Tube ?



Sun GDM-90W10 front left.jpg

Sun GDM-90W10 logo.jpg

Sun GDM-90W10 back right.jpg

Sun GDM-90W10 inputs.jpg

Sun GDM-90W10 sticker.jpg