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Often times, a CRT will not have native inputs for RGB video. There are various methods of different difficulty to add RGB video to a CRT. A ton of great guides on RGB modding can be found on Sunthar's website.


There are five main methods to add RGB to a set.

Method 1: OSD Switching

This method is probably the most common RGB mod. It is only possible on sets where the Jungle IC has analog RGB inputs for the on-screen display (OSD). Basically, you inject your RGB signals into these pins and wire a physical switch to the blanking pin so that the entire screen is displayed instead of the OSD menu. The switch allows you to "turn off" the mod, so that the OSD menu can still be used.

Method 2: OSD Mux

This method requires a custom circuit that multiplexes (muxes) your RGB signal and the OSD signal together so that both can be used at the same time without having to install a physical switch. It is only possible on sets where the Jungle IC has analog RGB inputs for the on-screen display (OSD). A detailed guide can be found at this link. A RGB mux PCB can also be obtained which allows you to easily solder the components to a stable board connected to a SCART port.

Method 3: Picture-in-Picture (PIP)

In this method, you inject your RGB signals into the PIP pins so it displays your image instead of the PIP and then wire a physical switch to the blanking pins so that the PIP image fills the entire screen. The switch allows you to "turn off" the mod, so that the PIP feature can still be used if you wanted.

  • Some displays may have a setting to make the PIP full screen and therefore not require a physical switch.

Method 4: Unused RGB Input Switching

This method involves using unused RGB input pins on your Jungle IC and a switch wired to a select pin to use them. It is only possible on sets where the Jungle IC has unused analog RGB inputs and a select pin. While some sets this is directly possible, some (if not all) Sony and JVC sets disable the unused signals digitally by setting the RGB SEL register in the Jungle IC which disable the ability to select the unused lines. This can be defeated by intercepting the commands with a microprocessor [1][2][3], but it is a complex modification and may be different for each set.

Method 5: Neckboard Injection

This method is the most primitive and should be a last resort. It involves directly wiring your RGB signals to the neckboard of the CRT. This bypasses all safety circuits and adjustments. In the event that something goes wrong, it has the potential of killing whatever device you have hooked up to it. A safety circuit could be designed to mitigate these risks.

Specific Models


Barco/BarcoNet/Scientific Atlanta





  • RCA F32685 - Needs resistors (e.g. 1k trimmer pots) on color lines.



  • Sharp 36J-S400 Should also work for Sharp 19L-M100, Sharp 32J-S400, and Sharp 36J-S400
  • Sharp CJ13M10 Should also work for Sharp CL13M10, Sharp 20KS100


  • (BA-5D Chassis) another guide TV models: KV-27FS100, KV-27FS210, KV-27FV300, KV-27FV310, KV-29FA210, KV-29FS100, KV-29FS100, KV-29FV300, KV-29FV300, KV-29FV310, KV-32FS100, KV-32FS200, KV-32FS210, KV-32FV300, KV-32FV310, KV-34FS100, KV-34FS100, KV-34FV250, KV-34FV310, KV-36FS100, KV-36FS200, KV-36FS210, KV-36FV300, KV-36FV310, KV-38FS200, KV-38FV250, and KV-38FV310
  • KV-20FV12 BA-5 Chassis Similar TVs: KV-20FS12, KV-20FV12, KV-21FE12, KV-21FM12, KV-27FS13, KV-27FS17, KV-27FV17, KV-29FV17, KV-32FS13, KV-32FS17, and KV-34FS17
  • Sony KV-27S42 and another example - Use S-video’s Luma sync.
  • Sony KV-27FS100 (2003) - Use CSYNC instead of over composite to help eliminate interference.
  • Sony KV-27FS120 - PCB design in comments.
  • Sony PVM 14N5U - Discussion, needs research. Post results.
  • Sony KV-247V26 - Plus follow up Q&A video.
  • KX-1901A Sony Profeel Series Models: Sony KX-1901A, Sony KX-2501A, Sony KV-1311CR, Sony KV-20XBR, Sony KV-25XBR, Sony KV-25DXR, Sony KX-1211HG



  • Toshiba 13A21 Should also work for: Toshiba 13A21 and Toshiba 13A22
  • Toshiba 14AF43 Also works for: Toshiba 14AF44, Toshiba 14AF45, Toshiba 14AF46
  • Toshiba 20AF41C - Recommended to replace 0.1 µF RGB decoupling caps with higher rating.
  • Toshiba 20AF43 Also works for: Toshiba 20AF44, Toshiba 20AF45, Toshiba 20AF46
  • Toshiba 27A30
  • Toshiba 27AF43 Also works for: Toshiba 27AF43, Toshiba 27AF44, Toshiba 27AF45, Toshiba 27AF46, Toshiba 27AFX54 (Cinema Series)
  • Toshiba CF27F50 Also works for: Toshiba CF27F50, Toshiba CL29F50