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Manufacturer Sony
Type Professional
Size 19”
Dimensions Width: 450mm

Depth: 503mm

Height: 458mm
Weight 66.1lb, 30kg
TV Lines 600
Dot Pitch 0.4mm
Firmware Unknown
240p/480i Yes
480p No
720p No
1080i No
Vsync 50/60hz
Widescreen No
Composite 2x (Line A/B)
S-Video 1x (Line C)
Component 1x RGB/YPbPr
Operation Manual PVM-1954Q Operation Manual
Brochure PVM-1954Q Brochure


Exclamation-triangle-fill.svgAlways replace capacitors with equal capacitance value and equal or greater voltage capacitors.
Higher temperature ratings (105°C instead of 80°C, etc.) are preferable and will extend the life of the capacitors.

Deflection Board (Recommended Replacements)

  • Notes:
    • SAVON PAT Capacitor Kit
Capacitor (C#) Capacitance (uF) Voltage (V) Notes
206 100 25
507 100 25
522 100 or 2200 25 or 16 100uF/25V OR 2200uF/16V REPLACE WITH SAME VALUE
523 1 50
529 0.47 50 REPLACE WITH 1uF/50V
541 4.7 50 REPLACE WITH 10uF/50V
572 4.7 160 REPLACE WITH 10uF/250V
579 100 50
584 2.2 160 REPLACE WITH 4.7uF/250V
585 4.7 160 REPLACE WITH 10uF/250V
588 10 50
590 2.2 50 REPLACE WITH 2.2uF/100V
592 4.7 160 REPLACE WITH 10uF/160V
595 220 25
596 100 25
1504 10 50



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