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Technical Bulletins

File Name Purpose
File:301992072.pdf Technical Bulletin 92-072. Vertical Seam in Center of Display
File:301992099.pdf Technical Bulletin 92-099R. Part Registration - Main Chassis (S)
File:301992101.pdf Technical Bulletin 92-101. Improvement of Picture Distortion
File:301993021.pdf Technical Bulletin 93-021. Correcting Line-Crawl in PAL Composite Mode
File:301993085.pdf Technical Bulletin 93-085. Input/Output Terminal Board Identification
File:301994030.pdf Technical Bulletin 94-030. Breakage Due to Use of Incorrect Packing Materials
File:301994055.pdf Technical Bulletin 94-055. Correcting Vertical Seam in Screen Center
File:301997066.pdf Technical Bulletin 1997-066. Picture Shrinkage in Vertical Dimension
File:302000010.pdf Technical Bulletin 2000-010. Correcting Arc Between Traces
File:302003001.pdf Technical Bulletin 30-2003-001. Reuse L506 When Replacing the A Board