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Manufacturer Sony
Type Professional
Size 14"
TV Lines 600
Dot Pitch 0.25 mm
Regions NTSC, PAL
240p/480i Yes
480p No
720p No
1080i No
Vsync 50/60hz
Widescreen Yes
Composite 2x (Line A/B)
Component 1x RGB/YPbPr
Dimensions Width: 346mm

Depth: 430mm

Height: 340mm
Weight 39 lb, 11 oz
Firmware Unknown
Standard Boards None
Optional Boards CRT:BKM-120D


Operation Manual PVM L2 Series Operation Manual
Service Manual PVM L2 Series Manual
Brochure PVM L2 Series Brochure

The BVM-D and PVM-L series monitors require a rather rare input board for RGB/YPbPr inputs: the CRT:BKM-129X. It is recommended to instead get Martin Hejnfelt's BKM-129X clone (source files) as it is much cheaper and built with modern parts.

Technical Bulletins

File Name Purpose
File:302004039.pdf Fix: The monitor may not power-on if a component part on the G board (such as Q606, Q617, Q618, IC602) fails.
File:302004095.pdf Fix: Improving aperture adjustment
File:302004107.pdf Parts Registration: Caption Vision BoardRD
File:302004132.pdf Notice: Service data change from software upgrade (to V2.2)
File:302005052.pdf Fix: White balance problems at power-on.

Related Documents

File Name Purpose
File:040678.doc.pdf Discontinuation of PVM Series Professional Video Monitors
File:040682.doc.pdf Introduction of the Luma LCD PVMs (CRT replacements)

File:040698.doc.pdf Introduction of the Luma LCD PVMs (CRT replacements)
File:050418.doc.pdf "SCREEN SAVER" Recycling Program for old PVM CRT Medical Monitors
File:PVM-14L220L2.pdf One page addendum for the PVM-14L2/20L2 manual.

Content already exists in the manuals available here.

File:PVM-9L2PVM-14L2PVM-20L2.pdf Instructions for first time setup (Color Temp/Comp Level/NTSC SETUP/region) for PVM-9L2/PVM-14L2/PVM-20L2
File:PVM-9L2PVM-14L2PVM-20L2 pvm14l2pdf.pdf User Instruction Manual for PVM-9L2, PVM-14L2, and PVM-20L2 ©2002
File:PVM-9L3PVM-9L2PVM-14L2PVM-20L2.pdf User Instruction Manual for PVM-9L3, PVM-9L2, PVM-14L2, and PVM-20L2 ©2002
File:PVM-14L2MDPVM-20L2MD.pdf User Instruction Manual for PVM-14L2MD, and PVM-20L2MD ©2003
File:PVM-14L2MDPVM-20L2MD pvm14l2md 409645611 om.pdf Interface Manual for Programers for PVM-14L2MD and PVM-20L2MD ©2004