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Manufacturer Sony
Type Professional
Size 13”
TV Lines 450
Dot Pitch Unknown
Regions NTSC
240p/480i Yes
480p No
720p No
1080i No
Vsync 60hz
Widescreen No
Composite 2x (Line A/B)
S-Video 1x (Line C)
Component 1x RGB
Dimensions Width: 346mm

Depth: 412mm

Height: 340mm
Weight 36.9lb, 16.7kg
Firmware Unknown
Service Manual PVM-1350 Service Manual


Technical Bulletins

File Name Purpose
File:301994030.pdf Technical Bulletin 94-030. Breakage Due to Use of Incorrect Packing Materials
File:301995110.pdf Technical Bulletin 95-110


File:301995172.pdf Correcting Picture Distortion
File:301997017.pdf CRT CHANGE
File:301998123.pdf Technical Bulletin 1998-123.

Picture Does Not Appear When SDI is Input

File:301998261.pdf Technical Bulletin 1998-261R2.

Preventing Picture Distortion

File:TB 301995131.pdf Technical Bulletin 95-131R.

Replacement Diode RGP30K

File:TB 301995144.pdf Technical Bulletin 95-144.

Information on H. Out Transistor

File:TB 301996044.pdf Technical Bulletin 96-044.

Change of Heater Resistor

File:TB 301996054.pdf Technical Bulletin 1996-054R.

No Power - Short Circuit

File:TB 301998124.pdf Technical Bulletin 1998-124.

Smoother Operating Diode G2

File:TB 302000006.pdf Technical Bulletin 2000-006.

Change of 9" and 14" B/W Monitor Manufacturer

File:TB 302000182.pdf Technical Bulletin 2000-182.

Manual Correction - Electrical Parts List

File:TB 302001083.pdf Technical Bulletin 2001-083.

H Out Transistor Change

File Name Purpose
File:302000080.pdf Technical Bulletin 2000-080R: Loss of White Balance
File:301998261.pdf Technical Bulletin 1998-261R2.

Preventing Picture Distortion