CRT:Mitsubishi CK-2602R

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Mitsubishi CK-2602R
Mitsubishi CK-2602R.jpeg
Manufacturer Mitsubishi
Type Consumer
Size 25"
Regions NTSC
240p/480i Yes
480p No
720p No
1080i No
Widescreen No
Composite Yes, 1x shared with s-video
S-Video Yes, 1x
Speakers Stereo & RCA Stereo Output
Dimensions Width: 41 cm

Depth: 18 cm

Height: 30 cm
Rear Label


  • 1 S-Video Input
  • 1 Composite Input (shared with s-video)
  • RCA Stereo Input
  • 1 RF Input
  • RCA Stereo Output

Service Manual

There's no publicly available scans of this service manual. This model is very similar to the Mitsubishi CS-2722R so it's Service Manual can be referenced, just be aware there may be some small differences.


There doesn't seem to be OSD RGB lines to tap into for an RGB mod. This means an RGB mod on this TV is likely impossible.