CRT:Linea 70 BM

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Linea 70 BM
Metz Linea 70 BM Front.png
Manufacturer Metz
Type Consumer
Size 27"
TV Lines not yet measured
Dot Pitch not yet measured
Regions PAL
240p/480i 100hz line double with lag
480p Yes
720p Yes
Dimensions Width: not yet measured

Depth: not yet measured

Height: not yet measured
Weight not yet measured
Firmware MSD605W V1 .33
Earliest Date 1998
Latest Date August 2006

Metz Line 70 BM is a 27" CRT with support for progressive scan resolutions.

It uses the 605G chassis from Metz and can be fed a VGA or YUV signal through the second SCART input via a VGAto SCART adapter or alternatively if you use a PS2 you can simply set the output signal to component in the PS2 dashboard and enable YUV-P in the menu for a direct connection.