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LG Flatron 776FM
Manufacturer LG
Type Consumer
Size 17"
Dot Pitch 0.24 mm
240p/480i No
480p Yes
720p Yes
1080i Yes
Vsync 50-160 Hz
Widescreen No
Component 1x rear (VGA HD-15, fixed cable, 15 pin)
Audio Input 1x rear (3.5 mm minijack, removable)
Dimensions Width: 460 mm

Depth: 440 mm

Height: 439 mm
Weight 21 kg
Remote None
Operation Manual [1]
Service Manual Media:LG Flatron 776FM service
Brochure Media:LG Flatron 775FT 776FM 915FT commercial.jpg

Flat screen 30 to 70 KHz, up to 110 MHz SXGA monitor with stereo sound (also works in DPMS).

Antireflective coating dissolves in alcohol.

Microphone and speaker ports to computer on back with mechanically switched headphone+mic sockets (also 2x minijack) on left. Bundled with DA-15 (old Mac standard) to VGA adapter, tilt and swivel stand, and two audio cables.

EDID 1.2 tends to confuse modern hardware and drivers, but can be disabled in the menu. Service mode is also completely I2C driven, with a VGA to VGA and parallel splitter and proprietary software.

Supports two of the three DPMS levels, but implementation differences between Standby and Off are undocumented.

Has a long folded wire antenna inside, connected to the flyback and alleged to reduce EMI from the deflection system.


Memory for 35 presets automatically selected by H+V frequency, of which 11 not reassignable and the rest allocated by a least-recently-used logic.

  • Brightness and contrast
  • Size and position
  • Rotation
  • Pincushion/barrel, trapezoid, parallelogram, upper and lower width
  • Color temperature (Kelvin or manual RGB gain), purity
  • Anti-moire defocusing
  • I2C on/off
  • 0.7/1.0 Vpp video gain
  • Volume, bass, treble, microphone mute
  • Speaker mute with dedicated button