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Sony KV-25X3x
Manufacturer Sony
Type Consumer
Tube Series Trinitron
Size 25"
240p/480i Yes
480p No
Vsync 100 Hz
RF 1x (Belling-Lee)
Composite 3x (2x SCART, 1x front RCA)
S-Video 2x (SCART 2, front mini-DIN)
Component 1x (RGB, SCART 1)
Speakers Stereo
Earliest Date 1997?
Chassis AE-4
Tube Super Trinitron M60-LCS60X
Remote RM-862
Operation Manual Media:Trinitron_kv25x3a
Service Manual as above

The Sony KV-25X3x series (country variant suffix) is a high-end TV with digital signal processing, velocity modulation, electric rotation, an user-adjustable RGB horizontal offset correction, user-selectable source for SCART 2 return path, optional automatic brightness according to room illumination, teletext, and very surprisingly a mostly correct service manual.

The original remote uses a mechanical 4-way + center joystick.