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Diamond Pro 21TX
Manufacturer Mitsubishi
Type PC
Tube Series Diamondtron
Size 21"
Viewable Size 19.7"
Dot Pitch 0.30mm
Mask Aperture Grille
Free-Scan Yes
Horizontal Scan 30 - 93kHz
Vertical Scan 48 - 152Hz
Bandwidth 180MHz
OSD Color Yes
OSD Conv. ?
Service Method OSD menu
VGA 1x
Other Inputs 1x RGBHV BNC
Dimensions Width: 19.7in (50cm)

Depth: 19.2in (48.8cm)

Height: 19.3in (49cm)
Weight 77 lbs (35 kg)

Mitsubishi Dimaond Pro 21TX (THN9105SKTK) aperture grill monitor.

Lots of features

  • Multiple color temps available through the OSD display
  • DB15 and BNC inputs can hook two different machines up to the one monitor and then switch the display between them using the OSD.
  • Does 1600*1200 at 75 Hz, 1280*1024 at 75Hz and up.
  • H Freq/ V Freq: 30-93 Khz / 50-152 Hz
  • EPA "EnergyStar" and VESA DPMS compliant.


Rebranded by Dell as model D2130T-HS (21TE)