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Manufacturer Panasonic
Type Consumer
Size 27"
TV Lines ???
Dot Pitch ???
Regions NTSC
240p/480i Yes [1]
480p Yes
720p No
1080i Yes
Vsync 60hz
Widescreen No
Composite 4x
S-Video 1x
Component 1x
Speakers 2
Dimensions Width: 27 in

Depth: 19.5 in

Height: 22.4 in
Weight 100lbs
Firmware Unknown
Chassis DX4M
Tube A68QCP891X
Remote None
Operation Manual AV-32D203 Operation Manual


This monitor is a true HD dualscan monitor, meaning it can scan both 31 and 34kHz. It also has zero additional latency caused by digital processing at that resolution. The scandoubler, additionally, is very high quality and has very little latency, adding around 10 lines of latency (or about 2ms) at 240p. Inputs

The A/V input can be changed using the Menu button on the front panel, but a dedicated Input button on the remote makes it more convenient. Input 1 is a shared S-Video/Composite input on the rear, with S-Video priority (Composite will not work even if your S-Video signal source is turned off). Input 2 and 3 are Composite inputs on the rear. Input 4 is a single Composite input on the front. There is an additional Component input selectable in the menu, mapped to the Component jacks on the back.

  1. scandoubled with low lag