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Blaupunkt MS 63-79
Blaupunkt MS 63-79.jpg
Manufacturer Grundig
Type Consumer
Size 25/28"
240p/480i Yes
480p No
Vsync 50/60 Hz
Widescreen No
RF 1x rear (Belling-Lee 75 Ω)
Composite 2x rear (SCART 1 & 2)
S-Video 1x rear (mini-DIN, overrides SCART 2 video)
Component 1x rear (RGBS, SCART 1)
Audio Input 2x rear (SCART 1; SCART 2 or RCA)
Audio Output Line out (RCA)
Speakers 3.1 internal, 2.0 external (DIN 41529)
Chassis Blaupunkt FM 500.70 ≈ Grundig CUC 5860

Work in progress

The Blaupunkt MS 63-79 is a premium class European 25 inch TV. A 28 inch version exists too, the MS 70-109.

Both have a manual tilt and motorized swivel base, which also holds the main speakers and power switch. The center and top-mounted woofer channels are generated locally (no Pro Logic support), with an optional "wide sound" effect; the internal speakers can be disabled with the hidden "CROSS MEDIA" function (press AUX then MUTE in normal viewing mode) and the woofer using the square switch on the back.

Despite the comprehensive OSD (in the "i" BLAUPUNKT TRONIC PILOT menu) and off-screen (dedicated button, or AUX then COLOR for tint, then left/right) picture and sound controls, the various geometry settings are made using trimmers.