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Manufacturer Sony
Type Professional
Size 14"
Dimensions Width: 482mm

Depth: 580mm

Height: 280mm
Weight 55lb, 1oz
TV Lines 800
Dot Pitch 0.25mm
Firmware 1.10 (May 2006)
Earliest Date March, 1996
Latest Date March, 1996
240p/480i Yes
480p No
720p No
1080i No
Vsync 50/60hz
Widescreen No
Composite 0
S-Video 0
Component 1x YPbPr/RGB
Controller BKM-10R (optional)
Optional Boards









Operation Manual

14E5U/14F5U Manual

E/F Manual

Service Manual E/F Manual
Brochure 20F/14F Brochure

The F5 models are handy due to the fact that they do not require an external controller and instead provide buttons along the side of the unit to navigate the on-screen display. They also provide buttons for manual control over a handful of functions, including analog knobs for brightness, contrast, chroma, and phase.

Common Issues

  • One common issue with the BVM-14F5U is that when the unit is turned on, the screen does not kick on and it instantly goes into OVERLOAD mode, and all three front lamps will flash. This appears to be a non-capacitor issue with the PA board, as swapping out this board seems to fix it. Often times you can work around this by plugging in the unit, pressing the standby button to turn the overload lights off, letting it sit for 20 minutes, then pressing the standby button again to power it on.


Exclamation-triangle-fill.svgAlways replace capacitors with equal capacitance value and equal or greater voltage capacitors.
Higher temperature ratings (105°C instead of 80°C, etc.) are preferable and will extend the life of the capacitors.

Power Board (G)

  • Notes:
    • List assembled and verified by Derf. Your board may differ as C2-C5 and C9-C12 were not electrolytic as the manual stated in the below case.
    • D4 is an extra electrolytic cap that was found in place of D4; negative terminal closer to C16.
    • The list below does not include power sub-boards GA, GB, or GC.
    • Digi-Key shopping cart
Power Board (G) - 39 capacitors
Capacitor Capacitance Variation Voltage Note
C2 0.0047uF 20% 250V FILM on board
C3 0.0047uF 20% 250V FILM on board
C4 0.0047uF 20% 250V FILM on board
C5 0.0047uF 20% 250V FILM on board
C9 0.0047uF 20% 250V FILM on board
C10 0.0047uF 20% 250V FILM on board
C11 0.0047uF 20% 250V FILM on board
C12 0.0047uF 20% 250V FILM on board
C14 47uF 20% 25V Electrolytic
C15 100uF 20% 16V Electrolytic
C16 47uF 20% 25V Electrolytic
C17 470uF 20% 35V Electrolytic
C27 100uF 20% 35V Electrolytic
C28 220uF 20% 450V Electrolytic
C29 3.3uF 20% 250V Electrolytic
C30 3.3uF 20% 250V Electrolytic
C33 100uF 20% 16V Electrolytic
C34 47uF 20% 25V Electrolytic
C35 220uF 20% 10V Electrolytic
C42 10uF 20% 50V Electrolytic
C43 10uF 20% 50V Not on board
C44 0.0047uF 20% 250V Not on board
C45 0.0047uF 20% 250V Not on board
C107 1000uF 20% 10V Electrolytic
C108 1000uF 20% 10V Electrolytic
C109 1000uF 20% 10V Electrolytic
C110 1000uF 20% 10V Electrolytic
C117 470uF 20% 25V Electrolytic
C118 1000uF 20% 25V Electrolytic
C119 470uF 20% 25V Electrolytic
C120 1000uF 20% 25V Electrolytic
C123 1000uF 20% 10V Electrolytic
C124 100uF 20% 160V Electrolytic
C125 100uF 20% 160V Electrolytic
C128 4700uF 20% 10V Electrolytic
C129 4700uF 20% 10V Electrolytic
C130 4700uF 20% 10V Electrolytic
C131 4700uF 20% 10V Electrolytic
C132 2200uF 20% 10V Electrolytic
C133 2200uF 20% 10V Electrolytic
C134 470uF 20% 25V Electrolytic
C135 47uF 20% 25V Electrolytic
C136 470uF 20% 25V Electrolytic
C137 47uF 20% 25V Electrolytic
C138 10uF 20% 50V Electrolytic
C139 10uF 20% 50V Electrolytic
C141 10uF 20% 50V Electrolytic
C142 47uF 20% 25V Electrolytic
C144 0.47uF 20% 50V Electrolytic
D4 10uF ??? 50V Electrolytic


Technical Bulletins

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File Name Purpose
File:201996165.pdf (unknown)
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File:201998229.pdf (unknown)
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File:201999033.pdf (unknown)
File:201999106.pdf (unknown)
File:201999274.pdf (unknown)
File:202001214.pdf (unknown)
File:202001230.pdf (unknown)
File:202001236.pdf (unknown)
File:202002306.pdf (unknown)
File:202003092.pdf (unknown)
File:202004003.pdf (unknown)
File:202004108.pdf (unknown)
File:202004253.pdf (unknown)
File:202005002.pdf (unknown)
File:202005008.pdf (unknown)
File:202010127.pdf (unknown)
File:301998241.pdf (unknown)
File:302001151.pdf (unknown)