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Mivar 16P2
Manufacturer Mivar
Type Consumer
Size 16"
Regions PAL B/G
240p/480i Yes
480p No
Vsync 50/60 Hz
Widescreen No
RF 1x (Belling-Lee)
Composite 2x (SCART, front RCA)
Component 1x (SCART)
Speakers 1
Dimensions Height: 38 cm

Width: 41.5 cm

Depth: 44 cm
Weight 10.5 kg
Firmware MBJ, MCZ, MMY
Latest Date 2004+
Chassis CS1131 (minineck)

CS1097 (unified minineck)

CS1121 (unified narrowneck)
Tube ?
Remote X4 and others
Operation Manual CRT:Mivar X series remotes
Service Manual CS1097 CS1131

The Mivar P2 series (14P2, 16P2, 20P2) is the brand's final series of traditional analog and curved CRT TVs in their small-screen (PS - Piccoli Schermi) class, with the exception of the CRT:17PF1-derived 20P3.

It adds a second input to the P1 series while marking a clear separation from it (which developed a bad reputation for poorly made DS19 flybacks, developing shorts between secondary and primary/tertiary), but still benefits from removing the 5-pin flat cable between video processor and neck board, replacing it with a better shielded alternative (such as twisted pair between GND and K), to fix tint problems such as whites glowing pink and yellow.