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Mivar 14M3
Manufacturer Mivar
Type Consumer
Size 14"
Regions PAL (see article)
240p/480i Yes
480p No
Vsync 50/60 Hz
Widescreen No
RF 1x (Belling-Lee)
Composite 1x (SCART)
Component 1x RGB (SCART)
Dimensions Width:


Chassis CS1001
Remote X1 (also X2)
Standard Boards CS1006 tuner
Optional Boards CS1003 (EP)/CS1015 (LP) teletext

The Mivar 14M3 is a TV for the Italian market made in the late 90's, basic yet almost bombproof in true Mivar style. It was later adapted to make the larger 16M1.



As indicated by the 9-key front panel without blue buttons, it has a minimal OSD limited to program & channel numbers and sleep timer (accessed by holding Stop): all adjustments have dedicated controls.

  • Program/Channel/AV (remote and front panel)
  • Volume (remote and front panel: latter also sets default)
  • Tone/Mute (remote)
  • Contrast (front panel)
  • Brightness and saturation (remote)
  • H position, V size, B+ voltage, Focus/Screen, G/B gain (internal)


  • The back case can be drilled to allow external access to flyback controls.
  • To reduce horizontal size to a moderate underscan, reduce by one step the retrace absorber C60 (2 kV, 6.8 → 5.6 nF).
  • Disable standby: ground pin 17 of CPU
  • Force AV: pull up pin 38 to 5 V via 1k resistor - or just remove the tuner
  • NTSC upgrade: remove R102 (SMD, pulls up pin 34 of video processor TDA8361), replace with 18 pF and 3.58 MHz quartz to ground; connect variable 0-5 V source to its pin 27 for tint control.
  • S-Video and YPbPr inputs seem to be theoretically possible but may be impractical to implement, research needed.