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Commodore 1084S-P
Manufacturer Philips (OEM for Commodore)
Type Consumer
Size 14"
Dot Pitch 0,42 mm
Regions PAL or NTSC depending on model
240p/480i Yes
480p No
720p No
1080i No
Vsync 50/60Hz
Widescreen No
Composite 1x rear (RCA)
S-Video 1x rear (twin RCA, shared with composite)
Component 2x rear RGB (8-pin DIN digital, 6-pin DIN analog, connect only one)
Audio Input 1x rear (twin RCA, shared between all inputs)
Chassis Philips CM8833 variant
Remote None
Standard Boards TTL video DAC (see article)
Service Manual [1]

Variant of the Philips/Commodore CRT:1084-P, itself based on the Philips CRT:CM8833 and CRT:CM8850, adding stereo sound and a headphone jack.

NTSC version can be identified by the 120 V power input, front hue control, and 4 rear controls for size and position. PAL version is 220 V, lacks a hue control, and moves the horizontal position knob to the front.

Digital input is for CGA-compatible signal (5 volt RGBIHV), linear input is for SCART-compatible signal (RGBS). Very early production DAC card (possibly not used in 1084S-P) also supports Apple XRGB, selected via a dedicated pin unused on later versions. S-Video support (called LCA: Luma/Chroma/Audio) pre-dates its name or the de facto standard mini-DIN connector.

VCR switch increases horizontal sync for better compatibility with unstable signals (ie analog videotape).

Flyback: Philips AT2079-30102 = Diemen HR7506 = Eldor 11421395


The PCB and back cover can readily be upgraded with a SCART socket, as well as with a green-only filter circuit (present on other variants of the CM8833/50).