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The Compact Disc-Interactive (CD-i) is a console from the fourth generation of video game consoles. The console was launched in North America on December 3rd, 1991 followed by Japan (April 25th, 1992) and Europe (July 10th, 1992). Developed by Philips, the hardware was licensed and manufactured separately by many different companies such as Magnavox, GoldStar/LG, Memorex, Kyocera, Sony, Saab Electric, and Bang & Olufsen. XXX main models of the Philips CD-i exist. A 14.4k hardware modem was released to use a "CD-Online" disc (or Web-i in the US) enabled full internet access including online shopping, email, and support for networked multiplayer gaming — a service which only the game RAM Raid used.

The World of CD-i website is a great supplemental resource to this wiki.