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The Atari 7800 ProSystem is an 8-bit console from the third generation of video game consoles. Originally unveiled in 1984, a series of contractual issues meant it was not released until May 1986 in North America, followed by Europe in 1989. Designed for Atari by General Computer Corporation, the 7800 is essentially a "do-over" of the Atari 5200 as the 7800 set out to correct some of the flaws with that previous console. The 7800 is backwards compatible with almost all Atari 2600 games and accessories out of the box, and features a simple two-button joystick controller instead of the 5200's complex analog controller. Across its lifespan, there were three models: the launch model, a revision with the never officially used expansion port connector removed with an indentation in the shell where it used to be, and another revision which completely removed the expansion port from the shell. Due to a very slow release schedule and rapidly increasing competition from the likes of Nintendo and Sega, the 7800 did not achieve widespread popularity and was eventually discontinued on January 1, 1992 with slightly less than 60 games released in total. However, the 7800 now has an active homebrew scene and a number of interesting new games have been released in recent years.

The Atari 7800 Development Wiki is a great supplemental developer-focused resource to this wiki.