AV:Hama 42570

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A fairly common (after including generic clones) manual, passive, and fully mechanical SCART switch.

It is specific for this use and not compatible with JP-21 signals or as a generic 20P3C electrical switch.


  • Composite video and stereo audio are supported.
  • RGBα (and derivatives sharing the same pins like S-Video and YPbPr) are supported.
  • Pin 8 source active/aspect ratio indication is supported.
  • Consumer electronics control (pin 10 and 12) is unimplemented.
  • Return path is partially supported.


  • A is intended for a VTR but is compatible with generic source.
  • B and C are generic inputs.
  • TV/MONITOR is self explanatory.
  • TV OUTPUT is the output from TV/MONITOR (most commonly where implemented, last selected RF channel).
  • OUTPUT offers the same signal sent to TV/MONITOR, ie this device can be used as a SCART to RCA converter.


  • RGB enables or disables pin 16 passthrough. The actual RGB signals are always connected.
  • B-A or C-A connect the selected input to A's return path.
  • A, B, or C connect the selected input to TV/MONITOR and OUTPUT.