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What is is a website created out of a desire to create a large collaborative community to collect and preserve the ephemeral knowledge of the console modding "scenes" and to encourage the creation of new ideas and mods.

What is ConsoleMods' history?

The site originated as a collection of information turned into a full wiki on the /r/ps3homebrew subreddit by Derf Jagged in 2016. Prompted by the shutdown and sudden loss of years of guides and information on Xbox-Scene, he created the /r/OrignalXbox wiki and /r/360hacks wiki with the help of many nights of research, experimentation, documentation, and questioning of developers and experts. Years later, reddit became less of an ideal host due to the split into "old reddit" and "new reddit" causing the reddit wiki system to be less useful and less maintained, and the decision was made to migrate to a standalone site with the help of CrunchBite and put the power of contribution into the hands of everyone - not just a small few with whitelisted permissions with lacking tools.

What is ConsoleMods' future?

The future of the site is up to people like you. Enthusiasts, developers, and people with an itch to help others are welcome to contribute and help everyone be aware of how to make the most of the hardware they have. Our hope is to foster a healthy community of people to document the past and inspire others to create the future of mods by learning and working hands on.

How can I help?

Get involved and make edits! Even if you are not technically savvy, you can help out by correcting or clarifying any information. Even small fixes like typos help us out! For those fluent in English and a second language, there may be opportunities in the future for a complete translation of sub-wikis - so make yourself known if you are interested.

Feel free to join our discord to chat in real-time and collaborate with others.