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Manufacturer JVC
Type Consumer
Size 32"
Dimensions Width: 33 7/8 in

Depth: 21 5/8 in

Height: 27 in
Weight 114 lb, 4 oz
TV Lines 700 [1]
Dot Pitch 0.25 mm
Firmware Unknown
240p/480i Yes
480p Yes
720p No
1080i No
Vsync 50/60hz
Widescreen Yes
Composite 2x
S-Video 1x
Component 1x
Operation Manual AV-32D203 Operation Manual
Service Manual AV-32D203 Service Manual


According to JVC, this TV has 700 lines of "Horizontal Resolution". However, because the D-Series are known to have several different types of tube manufacturers (even within the exact same models), your mileage may vary. JVC's advertised "Horizontal Resolution" measurement is considered to be 33% higher than the TVL of the screen. This is because JVC did not take into account the 4:3 nature of the screen with this measurement. Combine that with the different tube manufactures fact, and one might take the "Horizontal Resolution" measurement with a grain of salt. The Digital 3-Line Comb Filter is better than the 2-Line Comb Filter found in earlier models of the D-Series. Because of that, Composite and RF may look better in comparison.


The A/V input can be changed using the Menu button on the front panel, but a dedicated Input button on the remote makes it more convenient. Input 1 is a shared S-Video/Composite input on the rear, with S-Video priority (Composite will not work even if your S-Video signal source is turned off). Input 2 is either a Component input or a Composite input, on the rear. The "Component-In" toggle option in the menu determines which connection will be active. Input 3 is a single Composite input on the front.


Two 5W front firing stereo speakers. "BBE High Definition Audio" and "Hyper Surround" makes the D-Series sound better than JVC's lower end consumer TV offerings at the time. The audio out RCA jacks on the rear support only Fixed audio.

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  1. JVC's definition of TVL varies from industry definition