Lynx:McWill's LCD Replacement + VGA (RGB)

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Comparison between the old and new screen

McWill on the AtariAge forums sells kits and offers installation services for his LCD and VGA mods.


The replacement screen is noticeably clearer, brighter, and offers scanline options with current firmware, toggled via the backlight button or thumbwheel.

Comparison between the new screen with and without the scanline options

TV Output

The VGA socket installed.

McWill's kit outputs 480p VGA video through a port installed on the top on the system. It, as well as the VGA-with-scanlines mode is toggled by pressing the backlight button or thumbwheel. Older firmwares of this mod outputted with a non-standard refresh rate (72.8hz) which would cause issues with some VGA displays. This has since been fixed, and it now outputs standard 60hz 480p VGA.